We, the delegates to the Organization of Asia Pacific News Agencies (OANA) Summit Conference held in Seoul, the Republic of Korea, from April 21st to the 23rd, have agreed after intensive deliberations to adopt the following deliberations hereby put forward by the current chair of OANA and Yonhap News Agency and in line with the conference theme, "Challenges and Opportunities for News Agencies."

First, we, the members of OANA, resolve to weather through unity and cooperation the current crises besetting the media industry and brought about by the advent of the multi-media age. Therefore, it is our recommendation that OANA members expand content exchanges to include news material in the form of video and audio clips, edited TV programs and interactive graphics in order to meet the growing subscriber demand for an ever-greater variety of content, as well as signing mutual, cooperative agreements that enable member agencies to share information on new services and ways to make best use of them.

Second, we agree to strengthen a system through which information on new services can be shared at all times between member agencies in order to meet subscribers' needs in multimedia format. We are committed to share best practices among members in experiencing difficulties and dealing with crisis on newsroom and business management. We also propose that OANA actively promote regional exchanges of personnel and information with news-related organizations such as ABNA, AMAN, EANA, IINA and FANA.

Third, in addition to the existing personnel exchange, OANA shall devise a mid- and long-term plan that expands such exchanges to include regular "professional training seminars" for journalists. In addition, we also concur on the need to develop a practicable system for providing smaller news agencies with assistance in enhancing their technological and operational capabilities.

Fourth, we, the members of OANA, will continue to seek and support the core values of Freedom of the Press and Ethical Journalism. In particular, we strongly urge concerned governments to implement prompt safety measures to protect the lives of journalists who put their lives at risk working in conflict zones and war-torn regions.

Fifth, we believe that news agencies have the noble responsibility to promote public service and build a wiser and better society. We re-affirm our commitment to strengthen the beliefs and skills of our journalists linked to the common human values and the universal truth.

We, the members of OANA, herein agree that the above statements shall be included in the "Seoul Declaration" of the OANA Summit Congress and expect measures to be taken for their practical implementation.

April 23rd, 2010

President of OANA, Dr. Ahmad Mukhlis Yusuf

President of Yonhap News Agency, Park Jung-Chan