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Thu, 08/29/2013 - 21:55
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Exhibition "From Qurtuba to Cordoba" to Close on Saturday

Doha, August 29 (QNA) - The Exibition " From Qurtuba to Cordoba", currently underway in Katara cultural village, will close on Saturday. The exhibition, which lasted for one month, displayed the Arab-Andulisian culture which included a variety of collections depicting the genuine splendour of Cordoba. The city of Cordoba, declared World Heritage Site in 1994, is known worldwide for its Arab-Islamic past. Qurtuba, previously Roman, Byzantine and Visigoth, underwent such urban and cultural development with the Umayyads that it became one of the most important cities in the world. Worldwide acknowledged monuments, such as the Mosque-Cathedral and the Madinat alZahra Archaeological Site, bear witness to such splendour and are outstanding examples of Arab architecture in Spain. However, Cordoba prides itself with owning a much larger collection of Arab-Andalusian remains spread across the city. With the aim of rediscovering these Arab and Islamic legacies, Casa Arabe organised the participatory exhibition "From Qurtuba to Cordoba" in April 2012, with the active involvement of its citizens. The idea behind it has been to reassess -through photography- the diverse and rich Arab-Islamic heritage in the city belonging to the period of al-Andalus. This exhibition displays a variety of ornamental details -testimony of past splendour- which is often taken for granted by Cordobas dwellers and visitors. The collection highlights emblematic monuments, walls, doors, towers, minarets and baths, including some examples of Mudejar art, a more recent architectural style inspired by the influences of al-Andalus in the Iberian Peninsula. After touring in Spain, the exhibition is brought to Doha thanks to the shared efforts of Casa Arabe and the Embassy of Spain in Qatar, in cooperation with Katara.(QNA)