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Fri, 01/13/2012 - 08:43
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Indonesian Movie Goers Offered Free German Top Movies

Jakarta, Jan 13 (ANTARA) - Indonesian enthusiastic movie goers will be provided free shows of 10 latest German prize winning and other international box office movies on Saturday (Jan 14) under a code name of German Cinema Festival, information from Goethe Institute said. For this purpose what the Indonesian audiences have to do is just make a reservation to Goethe Institute during office hour, Frank Weerner, the Head of Goethe Institute Indonesia said here on Friday. According to him, one of highlights of the movies was "John Rabe" (2009), a certain title of the movies made by Oscar Winning Director Florian Gallenberger. As the invitation of Goethe Institute and German Embassy, Gallenberger came to Indonesia and attended the press conference program at Goethe Institute in Jakarta. "His movie, `John Rabe` will open various programs on January 14 at the Epicentrum XXI Jakarta," said Weerner. After press conference, Gallenberger explained in detail about his historical epic movie, "John Rabe" which is a popular in European regions. Gallenberger said, the movie was based on true story about a German businessman who had saved 250,000 people during Japan occupation in Nanking, China, in 1937. "Before I made this movie, I do not know who is John Rabe at all. But by the time I know who he is and what he has done, then I decided to let people know about John Rabe," said Gallenberger. The movie won several prices, among others the renowned German Film Award and the Bavarian Film Award. "John Rabe is not just a historical epic movie. This is a movie for people who care about values and how to behave in difficult situation," he further stressed. The other German movies with various genres during the festival are comedy "Almanya: Willkommen in Deutschland" (address: Welcome to Germany) and "Lila Lila" (Violet Violet). The dramas could be seen in "Das Lied in mir" (The Song Within Me) and "Die Fremde" (When We Leave). "Goethe!" and "Der Baader Meinhof Komplex" (The Baader Meinhof Complex are suitable for fans of biopic movies. Meanwhile, "Vincent will Meer" (Vincent Wants to Sea) is a roadmovie genre, "Die Welle" (The Wave) is thriller movie, and "Poll" (The Poll Diaries) is an epic movie. The films will be shown in five cities : Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Medan, and Makassar. The German Cinema Festival is a part of "Germany and Indonesia Programs� organized to mark the 60th anniversary of the two countries partnership.