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Fri, 09/05/2008 - 12:21
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Cultural centre of Azerbaijani of the world" in Kazakhstan - 5th anniversary

Astana, 5 September 2008, (Khabar) - The office of the "Cultural centre of Azerbaijanis of the world" marks its 5th anniversary and a round table, entitled "Kazakhstan - a planet of friendship," which took place in Astana was timed to this date.

Today there are over 300 thousand Azerbaijanis living in our country and the office of the "Cultural centre of Azerbaijanis of the world" helps them to save their language and customs.

This center, the main aim of which is to strengthen the friendship between two fraternal nations, was created in 1996 under the initiative of Geidar Aliyev.

Araz Khudiyev, chairperson of Kazakhstan "Cultural centre of Azerbaijani of world" office:
- To be honest, all Azerbaijan residents want to visit us in Kazakhstan and
see our young and beautiful capital city. In what follows, we want to
establish travel company at our office to allow people who want to visit us
come here.

Several Azerbaijani media are operating in the office in Astana and it has
its own newspaper "Turan-Express". Aida Evazova, a staff reporter of
Azerbaijani television and radio broadcasting company in Kazakhstan, thinks
that the most important thing for every multinational country is to
strengthen inner peace and harmony and to bring up the young generation in
these traditions.

Aida Evazova, staff reporter of television and radio broadcasting company of
Azerbaijan in Kazakhstan:
- I have been shooting films about our fellow countrymen who moved to
Kazakhstan in 1937 and about their hard destiny. Our friends create their
own expatriate communities and cultural centres, they do not suffer from
need as Kazakhstan, for all Kazakhstan residents, is the same. So I feel at
home here and some time I will write a lot of things about Kazakhstan in my

One of the numerous initiatives of the Cultural centre of Azerbaijanis of
the world in Kazakhstan is to make Astana and Baku twin cities. The staff of
the centre thinks that it will strengthen the cultural exchange and draw
together two Turkic nations.