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Fri, 05/22/2020 - 11:46
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Mousavi: Europe's captivity to Zionist lobby is stunning

Tehran, May 22, IRNA – Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi in a message on Friday expressed surprise over Europe's captivity to Zionist lobby. "Stunning is Europe's captivity to Zionist lobby," Mousavi wrote in his Twitter account. "Europe has historically failed to stop Zionist regime's violation of Int'l law (i.e. Palestinians' suppression, lands' annexation) committed in the name of Israel security," he added. "Why afraid of 'referendum' in Palestine as a lasting solution?," he noted. Mousavi earlier said that Iran condemns the Zionists' recent moves of making new settlements and annexation parts of West Bank to the lands occupied in 1948. He called on the United Nations and other international organizations to counter these moves as defined in their duties and responsibilities. Mousavi added that the occupying regime of the Holy Quds is exploiting the conditions created due to the coronavirus outbreak; the people of Palestine are fighting the coronavirus and other viruses such as occupation, siege, and sanctions. Meanwhile, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif in a message referred to West's fear from democracy, saying Palestinians should not have to pay for their crimes. "Disgusting that those whose civilization found a "Final Solution" in gas chambers attack those who seek a real solution at the ballot box, through a REFERENDUM. Why are US and West so afraid of democracy?," Zarif wrote on his Twitter account on Thursday.