New runway opens in Almaty

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Thu, 10/02/2008 - 10:14

New runway opens in Almaty

Almaty, 1 October 2008, (Khabar) - With a new runway opened today, the
Almaty International Airport has now become one of the world's largest
logistics and transit hubs. New runway opened and 143 million US dollars
were invested into this construction and it answers all the demands of

Grigory Bedenko, journalist:
- New, second runway was opened in Almaty International Airport. From now on
our city becomes not only largest avia transport junction of Central Asia.
The pilots will not have such a problem as poor visibility during taking off
and landing.

The 4.5 kilometer first-class concrete runway, with its 168 kilometres of
wires and 143 million US dollars of investment make the project one of the
most modern ones around the Globe. Builders used only special concrete
protected with special fabric preventing moisture from absorbing into the
main layer. Boeing 757 on route Almaty-London became the first airplane that
take a use of this new runway. And Kazakhstani pilot Marat Zhilisbayev
landed by Airbus A-321 from Pavlodar on a new runway and he was very glad
with quality of new runway.

Carston Tail, director general, IQAO European Bureau:
- Having introduced new means, such as runway in Almaty airport, Kazakhstan
proves ones more the world aviation community that its level of quality
answers the demands of international airlines.

The main characteristic of the airport is its new illumination, thanks to
which pilots can now take off and land even in zero visibility conditions.
As a result, the airport can now accept aircraft without exceptions as no
plane will need to fly to a reserve airfield due to bad weather any more.
Moreover, the number of flights at the airport is expected to double. At the
official opening ceremony, the IQAO awarded the International Airport of
Almaty with a 3rd class certificate confirming the high quality of the work