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Thu, 08/31/2023 - 12:19

Iran, Russia Sign Agreement on Standardization of Traded Goods

MOSCOW (Sputnik) - Tehran and Moscow have signed a five-year cooperation agreement on the standardization of products traded between the two countries, in particular non-industrial goods and halal products, the Iranian Embassy in Russia said.
"The Iranian and Russian sides signed a document on five-year cooperation between the two countries in the field of standardization … This document outlines the roadmap for cooperation between Iran and Russia in terms of the total volume of exported goods from Iran to Russia, as well as imported goods from Russia to Iran, in particular, non-industrial goods and halal products," the embassy said in a statement on Wednesday.
The document was signed by Anton Shalaev, the head of the Russian Federal Technical Regulation and Metrology Agency, and Mehdi Eslampanah, the head of the Iranian National Standard Organization, at a meeting in Moscow. During the event, the sides also exchanged lists of priority goods to establish a common standard and facilitate bilateral trade.
"It is very important for us that Iran and Russia, as two partners, create the most effective interaction in all areas of cooperation. To do this, it is necessary to define standards for strengthening industrial, investment, economic and commercial cooperation," Shalaev said.
He also noted the importance of the agreement, adding that "with the signing of such a document, effective interaction between the two countries is guaranteed for many years."
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