The Meetings Of The Third Session Of The Iraqi-Armenian Joint Committee For Economic, Commercial, Scientific And Technical Cooperation Concluded

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Wed, 09/13/2023 - 23:35

The Meetings Of The Third Session Of The Iraqi-Armenian Joint Committee For Economic, Commercial, Scientific And Technical Cooperation Concluded

 Baghdad / NINA / -The meetings of the third session of the Iraqi-Armenian Joint Committee for Economic, Commercial, Scientific and Technical Cooperation between the two countries concluded today, Wednesday, in Baghdad, which was chaired on the Iraqi side by the Minister of Agriculture, Abbas Jabr Al-Maliki, while on the Armenian side it was chaired by the Minister of Economy, Vahian Keroyan.


The closing ceremony witnessed, according to a statement by the Ministry of Agriculture, the signing of the minutes of the third session, which included a number of recommendations in various fields, including economic, commercial, scientific, agricultural and technical fields.


The minutes were signed by the Iraqi side, by Minister of Agriculture, Abbas Jabr al-Maliki, and by the Armenian side, Minister of Economy, Vahian Keroyan, provided that the minutes are submitted to the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers for approval. 


In his speech, the Minister of Agriculture thanked, according to the statement, all the contributors and teams that contributed to the success of the third session, extending his invitation to all Armenian investors and companies to participate in Iraqi exhibitions, especially the Baghdad International Fair and the agricultural exhibition held annually by the Ministry of Agriculture, hoping to increase cooperation in various fields.


In turn, the guest minister pointed out the encouraging and interesting factors that characterize the Iraqi market, stressing the participation of Armenian companies in investment projects and working in the interest of the two friendly countries.


The two sides agreed on the importance of creating a new reality aimed at raising the level of bilateral cooperation by adopting a number of recommendations that included three main axes:


The first axis: political dialogue that aims to strengthen the bonds of bilateral relations through diplomatic channels and encourage and facilitate official visits in a mutual manner that serves the interests of the two countries in international forums.


The second axis: includes examining ways to develop economic and commercial cooperation between the Republic of Iraq and the Republic of Armenia in the fields of (trade, agriculture, health, transportation, oil, electricity, finance, construction, housing, municipalities, industry and minerals, the National Investment Commission, water resources, and the private sector).


In the agricultural field, the two sides agreed that agriculture is an integral part of the national economy, which will contribute significantly to the more secure, resilient and prosperous well-being of the two peoples, while the two sides agreed to develop bilateral relations between scientific research institutions, improve agricultural cooperation mechanisms, achieve food security, and exchange experiences in the field of safety food, veterinary medicine, phytosanitary, agricultural extension, and in programs aimed at combating and preventing the spread of certain dangerous diseases affecting animals.”


The third axis includes scientific, cultural and artistic cooperation in the fields of (education, higher education, culture, youth and sports, tourism and antiquities, communications, science and technology).


It is noteworthy that the work of the committee was held in Baghdad and lasted for two days, in which a number of representatives of the ministries of the two friendly countries participated./End