Ministry of Municipality Organizes Workshop on Humanization of Cities

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Doha, March 18 (QNA) - With the aim of exchanging experiences and building capacities of urban planners and designers, the Ministry of Municipality, represented by the Urban Planning Department, organized a five-day workshop entitled "Humanization of Cities".
The workshop was an important experience in integrating the participants into work teams from the various authorities concerned with the urban planning process, belonging to several partner institutions from Qatar and the Gulf Cooperation Council countries.
The Urban Planning Department at the Ministry of Municipality raised, through the workshop, the problem of the urban public sphere, as the workshop dealt with strategies adopted globally to preserve a populated public sphere that welcomes people, even at times when there are no events, throughout the year, when the climate becomes harsher, and at different times of the day.
After introducing the participants to the concepts related to the humanization of cities and the most prominent strategies adopted globally, through 12 presentations by experts in the field, and visits to humanized sites in Qatar, the participants, who were divided into 6 work teams, developed innovative and practical proposals, and presented designs in this regard.
Afterwards, a jury from Qatar University and relevant government departments, judged the proposals according to criteria derived from the workshop material. (QNA)