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Wed, 09/20/2023 - 08:58
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PM Participates In The Sustainable Development Goals Summit In New York And Confirms Iraq’s Commitment To The Action Plan Of The International Conference On Financing For Development

Baghdad / NINA /- Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani participated, yesterday, Tuesday (Baghdad time), in the Sustainable Development Goals Summit, which was held in New York, in the United States of America.


 Al-Sudani delivered a speech in which he affirmed Iraq’s commitment to the action plan of the International Conference on Financing for Development, which was held in Addis Ababa /2015, and the international plan issued by it calling for the development of integrated national financing frameworks to complement national strategies for sustainable development, as well as Iraq’s welcome to the summit’s adoption of the political declaration that confirms the urgent need to work hard to accelerate the implementation of development goals.


 He also stressed the commitment to implementing the sustainable development goals, despite the complex challenges we face.


 He said: We welcome the summit’s adoption of the political declaration, in which we stressed the need for serious work to accelerate the implementation of the sustainable development goals, especially in providing and mobilizing financial resources, in accordance with the Addis Ababa Action Programme.


 He added: Our government is making great efforts to achieve the sustainable development goals, and we have made relative progress within this framework, and it is important to work with all partners to enhance progress in implementation.


 He continued: Iraq submitted two voluntary reports on the extent of the sustainable development goals achieved in a transparent manner, and the Iraqi national government’s program is consistent with these goals. Pointing out that achieving the sustainable development goals is a national mission and a humanitarian duty, and Iraq deals with all of these goals at the same level.


 Al-Sudani said: Implementing the sixth goal related to water is a priority in light of the severe drought that Iraq is witnessing, and we call for the comprehensive implementation of this goal and its economic and social repercussions. He stressed that Iraq welcomes the holding of the United Nations Water Conference in March 2023 and its outcomes.


 He added: Iraq has taken a number of national measures related to the sixth goal, including: maintaining infrastructure, expanding the clean water network, using modern agricultural irrigation techniques, and maintaining irrigation channels.


 He pointed out that Iraq faces challenges in financing the sustainable development goals, some of which are due to the financial losses it suffered in its war against ISIS terrorist gangs.


 He said: Iraq gives priority to financing climate action being the most vulnerable to the effects of climate change.


 He added: Iraq has begun implementing nationally determined contributions, including investing in associated gas to produce clean energy to achieve the goal of “zero flame” by 2030./End