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Wed, 03/22/2023 - 16:48
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Project for Improving Quality Propelled


Pyongyang, March 22 (KCNA) -- Various economic sectors of the DPRK are pushing ahead with the work to improve the quality of products and construction as a key factor in ensuring successes in the economic construction and the improvement of the people's living standard.

Officials and workers in the field of light industry strive to put the production of consumer goods on a scientific basis.

Paying attention to the introduction into production of raw materials the quality indices of which are scientifically guaranteed, they have put spurs to lowering the standard of material consumption per unit on the principle of ensuring quality of products and to realizing the standardization of production on a higher level. They are also stepping up the work to ensure precision and hygienic condition of products by improving the production environment, modernize the packing processes and solve the sci-tech problems related to the development of new products.

The machine-building industry is propelling the work to improve the quality of machine products.

The Taean Heavy Machine Complex set a goal to modernize various processing equipment and is making preparations for its realization. Other units, too, launched a technical innovation movement to improve the performance of equipment.

The metallurgical industry is striving to raise the quality of iron and steel.

The work for disseminating advanced science and technology through sci-tech learning space helps broaden the view of working masses.

Other economic sectors, too, have taken steps to ensure the balanced development of the national economy, conducting the work to improve the quality of products and construction with a correct methodology suited to their features. -0-