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Sat, 06/10/2023 - 23:41
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Qatar Social Work Foundation Participates in European Social Work Conference 2023 In Prague

Prague, June 10 (QNA) - As part of the its efforts to build relationships with social work organizations around the world, Qatar Social Work Foundation (QSWF) participated in the European Social Work Conference 2023, which was organized by the international Federation of Social Workers in Prague. QSWF team participating in the conference presented a paper on the role of information technology and the Internet in improving the role of social workers of QSWF and its affiliated centers, and the importance of adopting the modern technology to make the services it provides more effective and comprehensive. The conference highlighted smart solutions in dealing with the challenges facing social workers. QSWF's participation comes within the framework of its advocacy and international relations plan, which aims to achieve integration with the international community, engage with experts in the field of social work, transfer experiences and exchange expertise in the field of activating social work and serving the target groups. On the margins of the conference, QSWF delegation held meetings with delegations from European countries, to discuss prospects for future cooperation between Qatar and the European Union in the field of social work and finding sustainable solutions to tackle urgent social and economic challenges. (QNA)