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Sat, 06/10/2023 - 23:50
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Qatar's MoI To Release Final Lists Of Candidates In CMC Elections Sunday

Doha, June 10 (QNA) - Ministry of Interior (MoI) will Sunday release the final lists of candidates in the elections of the 7th Central Municipal Council (CMC) in a prelude to initiate the electoral campaign in accordance with the elections scheduled for Jun. 22, 2023.     The timetable of the CMC's elections specifies the launch of elections campaign starting from the day of announcing the final timetables of candidates on Jun. 11 and will last until the stage of election silence that precedes the polling day.     According to the rules regulating CMC's election campaign issued by the decision of the Minister of Interior No. 7 of 1998, each candidate shall obtain a permit from MoI prior to embarking on their campaigns in accordance with the conditions set by the Ministry. Also, it is not allowed for the media of electoral campaign to include any tribal or sectorial propensities. Moreover, slogans, expressions and photos used in the electoral campaign should not be contradictory to religious and social values of the Qatari community and ensure that electoral campaign should never be punctuated by any violations against the prevalent public morals or traditions in the community.        The same rules prohibit engaging in organizing and convening electoral meetings, giving speeches, placing posters, advertisements, or photos on places of worship, institutes and education's facilities, governmental buildings, buildings of public authorities and institutions, electrical or telephone poles within or without polling stations.     The rules regulating the electoral campaign also stipulate that it is not permissible to use the official emblem of the state in meetings, advertisements, electoral bulletins, and posts and in all other writings and pictures used in electoral campaign. Candidates shall not offend other candidates directly or indirectly or question their aptitude or instigating tribalism or sectarianism among citizens' segments or impinging on private matters.     The rules compel candidates to remove electoral advertisement, posters and bulletins or any kind of advertisement media, at their own expense once electoral process is completed.      In addition, MoI is entitled to abrogate the permit offered to candidates if they violate the conditions for which the permit has been granted, including the provisions set forth in this decision. The ministry is also entitled to remove slogans, pictures, writings, and other postings that violate this decision at the expense of the violator through a direct administrative way. (QNA)