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Thu, 05/11/2023 - 20:38
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A tourist group of different nationalities visits Old Damascus city


Damascus, SANA- A tourist group that includes 14 tourists from Britain , Canada, Germany, France, Ireland, Australia, Brazil, Netherlands and Finland visited Damascus on Thursday, where they viewed the archaeological and religious monuments and toured the old markets to buy handcrafted antiques and souvenirs, in addition to the acquisition of chains bearing their names in Arabic.

Head of Tourism Marketing and Information Department, Damascus Tourism Directorate, Eng. Abdel Basset Khattab said in a statement to SANA reporter that Syria has witnessed, since the beginning of this year, an active tourist movement from European countries.

Khattab noted that the Ministry of Tourism is working to overcome all difficulties and obstacles to facilitate the entry of tourists to Syria.

The tour guide accompanying the group, Rami Nawaya, stated that the group visited a number of archaeological and historical places in several provinces and carried beautiful impressions of the ancient Syrian civilization.

Nawaya added that the tourists lived the experience of the Damascene family and their hospitality through their presence in Beit al-Mamlouka Hotel in Old Damascus.

The Australian tourist Paris said that this is her second visit to Syria, and her favorite place is the charming city of Palmyra, which she would like to visit again.

The tourist pointed out that she stayed in one of the old Damascene houses of an architectural heritage character, and lived the experience of the Syrian family, wishing everyone to visit Syria to know the truth, contrary to what was reported by the Western media outlets, and to live in the charming eastern atmosphere.

In turn, the Canadian tourist Mika said that she visited many archaeological and historical places and enjoyed the company of the Syrian people, as she will convey the true image about Syria to her country and invite them to visit Syria.