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Tue, 06/28/2011 - 07:24
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Govt plans to reduce poverty by 2%

(KPL) Lao government will pay its efforts to reduce the percentage point of poverty to 22% from 24 % in the period of 2011-12, according to the draft plan of socio-economic development in the period 2011-2012.
Under the plan, the government will also reduce the rate of poor households nationwide by 2% from 19% to 17%.
To ensure the plan is set, the rural development, socio-economic development, specific and special economic zone will be the main focal work.
The plan was proposed at the first plenary session of the National Assembly (seventh legislature) which just closed last Friday.
The plan will focus on establishment of development villages and small districts in rural areas and 15 national development projects in remote and focal areas.
In the period of 2011-2012, the government expects to inject 306 billion kip in the poverty reduction programme.
In order to ensure the foodstuff security, the government will further promote cash crops cultivation and livestock including rice plantation, sweet corn, starch, vegetable, fruits, fish raising and cattle raising.
In addition, the government will promote market-oriented production by focusing on rice plantation, maize, coffee, sugarcane, tobacco and tapioca, and other cash crop.
The investment sectors will range from agriculture, industry and commerce, energy and mining, natural resources and environment, public works and transport, post to telecom.
More than 150 investment projects in agriculture and forestry sector, amounting to 538.830 billion kip will be taken in action.
Out of a total figure, of which 68.5 billion kip will be domestic investment and the remaining fund will draw Official Development Assistance
The export volume in energy and mining sector will be set to increase by 34.56% compared last year’s figure while the mining sector will be set to achieve about US$800-900 million.