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Fri, 07/01/2011 - 07:55
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Laos, Vietnam and Thailand pledge to further boost tourism

VIENTIANE,JUN.(KPL)- Laos, Vietnam and Thailand have pledged to further cooperate in the development of tourism by providing more facilities to domestic and foreign tourists to visit in the region.
They will also address the remaining problems aiming to attract tourists travelling in three countries.
The commitment was made at the 7th Technical Conference on Tourism held in Kaysone Phomvihane district, Savannakhet province, last week between three bordering provinces in three countries (Savannakhet province in Lao PDR, Quang Tri province in Vietnam, Moukdahan province in Thailand).
The meeting was chaired by Savannakhet Deputy Governor Khamphuey Phanthachon, Deputy Chairman of the Quang Tri People’s Committee Mr. Nguyen Duc Chi, and Moukdahan Deputy Governor Mr. Prawet Soukpodee.
The participants have discussed and exchanged lessons to ensure the achievement of tourism development plan of three target provinces and economic corridor. They have also further promoted tourist sites as attractive and destination one for domestic and foreign tourists.
The meeting has evaluated previous performance of 7th MoU on cooperation and discussed the ongoing 7th MoU so as to be preparedness for widely opening cooperation with linking tourism-site provinces along East-West economic corridor and Mekong subregion.
In 2010, 900,000 tourists visited in Savannakhet province, said Mr Khamphuey.