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Fri, 09/19/2008 - 01:24
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Biak, W Papua, Sept 18 (ANTARA) - As many as 16 Papuan youths are taking part in a first-ever televiion journalism training course held by Biak Numfor district's information and communication office in cooperation with Televisi Republik Indonesia (TVRI) Lensa Papua.
The head of Public Broadcasting Agency TVRI Lensa Papua, Hanock Puraro, said here Thursday Papuan youth's interest in learning television journalism deserved to be responded to positively. The course was the first of its kind held in Biak Numfor District.
"We hope the 16 trainees can become the motor in developing TV broadcasting in Biak," Puraro said, adding the Biak Numfor's willingness to start a local television broadcasting operation must be supported by every element in society.
"By the presence of a local television station in Biak, society can know the results of development programs carried out by the district government," said Puraro.
"Local television will not only broadcast news about development in Biak Numfor but also the business opportunities opened by the local government," Puraro said.
To support the development of Biak television , according to Puraro, TVRI Lensa Papua and the information and commuication office had initiated the training course to prepare the needed human resources.
The course would teach its participants not only theories on television journalism but also practical techniques for data gathering and broadcasting.