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Fri, 09/19/2008 - 01:26
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Madiun, Sept 18 (ANTARA) - The head of the National Employment and Manpower Protection Agency (BNP2TKI), Moh Jumhur Hidayat, said here on Thursday that the globailization trend in manpower affairs was now getting stronger and stronger.
"Globalization is no longer limited to things like products, services, finance, industries or capital but has also affected the manpower sector," he said before district administration officials in Madiun, East Java.
He said many Indonesian citizens were now working in other countries.
He said he had been dilligent appealing to the developed countries to open their doors for Indonesian migrant workers but some still refused to do it.
He believed it would be impossible for those countries to remain closed for migrant workers, referring to Japan as an example that had now received nurses from the country.
"The developed countries must not reject the Indonesian migrant workers. This is an opportunity which must be taken," he said.