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Jakarta, Sept 18 (ANTARA) - A Constitutional Court jury handling a petition for a judicial review of the law prescribing the shooting of death-row convicts was to hear the opinions of authorities on the subject presented by both the petitioners and the government at the court's session here on Thursday.
The petition was submitted to the court by convicted Bali I bombers Amrozi et al who claim despatching condemned prisoners by a firing squad was torture and thus inhuman whereas inhuman treatment of humans was against the Constitution.
Amrozi et al, through their lawyers, said the rule requiring condemned prisoners to die by a firing squad was contained in the law on procedures to implement death sentences and therefore they asked the court to subject the law to a judicial review.
They said the law was a violation of Article 281, section 1, of the 1945 Constitution.
Earlier, Law and Human Rights Minister Andi Mattalatta at a previous Constitutional Court session presented arguments against Amrozi et al's petition.
The minister said there was no torture in the execution of people sentenced to death by bullets aimed at their hearts as prescribed by the law.
He also said there was a distinct difference between torture and pain. Pain, he said, was a logical consequences of, and a natural process in any form of execution.