US embassy attack revenge reaction to anti-terrorism operations,

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SANA'A, Sep. 18 (Saba) - Deputy Premier for Defense and Security
affairs Rashad al-Alimi affirmed Thursday that the US embassy
terrorist attack is a revenge reaction to the government
anti-terrorism operations against the terrorist elements.

In an interview with the weekly 26 September, al-Alimi praised
alertness of the security guards, who stop the car bomb that could
cause a disaster, pointing out that most of the terrorists were
wearing explosive belts and used a number of gas cylinders to
produce a huge destructive explosion.

On the other hand, al-Alimi said that the conditions at Saada
governorate are going well since military truce, based on the
president's orders. He added that about 183 people involved in the
rebellion have been released.

He added that the evaluation and categorization processes are
underway to release more detainees, pointing out that the Houthi's
commitment to the Doha Agreement assists in releasing more.