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Beijing, Sep 19 (ANTARA) - Indonesian national news agency ANTARA is welcome to offer its news services to China Radio International (CRI), CRI Deputy Director for English Services Guan Juanjuan said here Friday.
Besides its own news stories and programs, state-owned CRI also uses news stories from news agencies including China's Xinhua and those of other countries like Reuters, Guan told ANTARA on the sidelines of a radio and television seminar for journalists and media officials.
"We also use news stories from news agencies like Xinhua and Reuters by buying them in packages," she said, adding that as the news formats of news agencies were different from that of radio stations, they should be edited into the radio format.
On the sidelines of the seminar, ANTARA made the offer and possible cooperation with CRI. "We suggest that you contact or meet CRI's Indonesia Department, if you want to offer your news services," she said.
ANTARA made the offer to CRI as the former was also producing news for international consumption, including news on Indonesians of Chinese descent and their activities as well as arts and culture.
ANTARA's news stories are usually used by electronic media including radio and television stations to support their news programs among others as running texts.
As the Indonesian national news agency also produces audio-visual products, it also made an offer to the China Central Television (CCTV) for possible cooperation as the Indonesian population also consists of citizens of Chinese descent.
"We can cooperate in the form of news exchange, but we won't pay for the news. Where money is concerned, you may go to the SARFT (State Administration of Radio, Film and TV), China," state-owned CCTV?s Deputy Director of International News Department, Cao Ri, said on the sidelines of the seminar.
The seminar is being held by the SARFT in Beijing and participated in by about 92 journalists and media officials from developing countries, including Indonesia, from September 10 to 24, 2008.