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Mon, 06/17/2024 - 10:54
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3 Missing Oil-Smuggling Boats Found

SONGKHLA, June 17 (TNA) – The 3 seized oil-smuggling boats that went missing from the Sattahip Police Pier have been found in the Gulf of Thailand, near Malaysian waters, yesterday.

Authorities immediately took control of the vessels. They will be brought back to Thai waters and will dock at the Songkhla Police Pier this afternoon.

Three boats were found in an overlapping maritime area, a special economic zone shared by Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam.

Initial inspections revealed that some of the oil was missing and only 8 out of the original 16 crew members remained. Additionally, attempts to disguise the ships by changing their color were evident.

Authorities believe the boats had previously docked in Cambodia, where some crew members disembarked and some oil was unloaded.

Due to the coordination between Thai authorities and neighboring countries, they were forced to leave the Cambodian port and flee into open waters.

Originally scheduled to dock at the Songkhla Marine Police Pier around noon, one of the three ships became inoperable, requiring towing. High waves might also cause delays, with an estimated docking time around 2 PM.

At the Songkhla Marine Police Pier, preparations are in place to receive the three ships, after which a detailed statement on the incident will be given.

Police are questioning the crew and collecting evidence to solve the case of the missing oil smuggling boats. They are also investigating possible involvement of police officers in the incident.

Disciplinary action will be taken against any police officers involved in the disappearance of the seized.

The three missing seized vessels named JP, Sea Horse, and Daorung, were carrying a total of over 300,000 liters of oil. They were docked at the Sattahip Police Pier before disappearing on the night of June 11. -819 (TNA)