Full Name: ANTARA News Agency

Head: CEO - Akhmad Munir

Address: Head Office: Jl. Antara Kav. 53-61, Pasar Baru, Jakarta Pusat, 10710, Indonesia

Phone number: +6221 3842591

Name of contact person: Managing Editor of ANTARA News Agency Gusti Aryani

Email of the contact person:

ANTARA main pages on social networks:

  • ANTARA has been playing a role as a news agency of the people's struggle for helping reach Indonesia's national independence since 1937.
  • It was declared a National News Agency in 1962 with 32 bureaus nationwide, two overseas office bureaus (Kuala Lumpur and Beijing), and a correspondent in Tokyo.
  • As a national information emissary, ANTARA remains on the front line to strive for national development and maintain national dignity through the dissemination of news on Indonesia throughout the country. 
  • ANTARA has two main distribution channels, Branda for members and for the public. 
  • ANTARA publishes its news in two languages, Indonesian and English.