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One of the wonders of world's singing arts, Mongolian khuumii is one unique cultural heritage of nomadic Mongolians.
Khuumii is sung without any musical instrument. Organs of speech act as musical instrument of khuumii, which means throat and tongue produce the beautiful sound.
The Mongolian khuumii is divided into six groups. They are growling khuumii called “Kharkhiraa”, labial khuumii, palatal khuumii, nasal khuumii, glottal or throat khuumii, chest cavity or stomach khuumii combined with long song.
Mongolians are focusing great attention to saving khuumii and propagandizing it throughout the world. In 2007, the government of Mongolia adopted the “khuumii” programme which included some issues about supporting talented people who are gaining big success at developing and advertising khuumii. By doing so, in recent years unique kinds of Mongolian folk arts are developing in Mongolia.
In order to develop and propagandize khuumii, Mongolian young khuumii singers have staged a concert called “Mongolian classic” which has combined khuumii with modern music. Not only Mongolian folk songs, but also world classic music pieces were played with khuumii at this concert.