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Fri, 04/07/2023 - 21:29
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Alalshikh Honors Saudi Al-Sharif and Iranian Younis with Valuable Prizes of Otr Elkalam International Competition

Riyadh, April 07, 2023, SPA -- In the closing episode of the Otr Elkalam show that was broadcast today, His Excellency Advisor Turki bin Abdel Mohsen Alalshikh, Chairman of the Board of Directors of General Entertainment Authority, honored the 20 winners of the valuable prizes of the competition. The Saudi contestant Mohammed Al-Sharif achieved first place in the call to prayer (adhan) track and won SAR2 million, and the Iranian contestant Younis Shahmradi achieved first place in the recitation track and won SAR3 million.
The competition, which concluded today, won 6 certificates from the Guinness Book of Records. It achieved two record numbers in terms of participating countries in both the Quran and Adhan tracks of the competition and a record number of participants in the Quran competition. It also achieved another record as the largest competition to attract participants in the adhan competition, and two other records as the largest prize pool for a Quran recitation competition and the largest prize pool for a call to prayer (adhan) competition.
His Excellency Advisor Alalshikh honored the winners of the competition prizes in the recitation and adhan tracks. The Iranian contestant Younis Shahmradi won first place in the recitation track and received a prize of SAR3 million, while the Saudi Abdulaziz Al-Faqih won second place and a prize of SAR2 million. The Moroccan contestant Zakaria Al-Zirk won third place and a prize of SAR1 million, and his compatriot Abdullah Al-Daghri won fourth place and a prize of SAR700,000.
As for the adhan track, the first place was won by the Saudi contestant Mohammed Al-Sharif with a prize of SAR2 million, the second place was won by the Indonesian Diaa Al-Din bin Nazar Al-Din with a prize of SAR1 million, the third place was won by Raheef Al-Hajj with a prize of SAR500,000, and the fourth place was won by the British Ibrahim Asad with a prize of SAR300,000.
The episode, dedicated to honoring the winners of the Otr Elkalam competition this year, opened with a recitation of Quranic verses by the winner of the first edition of the competition, the Moroccan reciter Younes Gharbi, and adhan from the Turkish Mohsen Kara, the first-place winner in the adhan track last year.
The Quran and adhan competition, which comes this year in strategic partnership with the Muslim World League, is one of the international initiatives of the General Entertainment Authority. It allowed participation for Muslims from different countries of the world through easy steps, facilitating participation for those wishing to join the competition qualifiers from anywhere.
The initial qualifiers for the competition this year began last January. More than 50,000 contestants from 165 countries participated in it, but 50 contestants reached the final qualifiers and competed in the recitation and adhan tracks through the Otr Elkalam show, which was broadcast on MBC and the Shahid digital platform.
The competition is one of the most important initiatives of the General Entertainment Authority during Ramadan, with its content that is commensurate with the spirituality of the month, as well as its standards and provisions that enhance competitiveness through stages and qualifiers that ensure that talented and distinguished people reach the final stages. Otr Elkalam, which broadcasts the competitions, is one of the most famous Ramadan shows and enjoys wide popularity in the Islamic world and several countries around the world.