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Wed, 09/27/2023 - 21:27
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Ashghal Announces 280% Increase in Qatari Employees over 7 Years

Doha, September 27 (QNA) - The Public Works Authority (Ashghal) announced a 280 percent increase in the number of Qatari engineers and employees during the past seven years as the number of Qatari employees has reached 1,293. 
The percentage increase of Qatari employees (non-engineers) has reached 250 percent during that period. Additionally, there was an increase in the percentage of Qatari engineers to more than 370 percent during the same period.
Currently, there are 593 Qatari engineers compared to 493 non-Qatari engineers. This is a result of the Authority's clear strategy and the implementation of Qatarisation and scholarship plans, which are in line with the strategic objectives of the State and Qatar National Vision 2030. The Authority is making unremitting efforts to raise the percentage of Qataris through the Qatarisation of specialized jobs, as 'Ashghal' is considered one of the most important future destinations for engineers.
Within this context, Rashid Saeed Al Hajri, Manager of the Human Resources Department stated: "One of the strategic objectives of 'Ashghal' is to increase the percentage of Qatarisation according to the national strategy of the State and plans in place for Qatarisation of jobs. We hope to reach the required percentages for this year according to plans. We will continue with the process of Qatarisation of jobs with competent Qatari resources, capable of facing challenges. At 'Ashghal' we aim to provide the best training Programs and projects to develop the skills and capabilities of employees and engineers through a variety of new administrative training and development Programs, in which Qatari engineers are attached to global companies responsible for project implementation in order for them to gain experiences.
Rashid Saeed Al Hajri clarified that there is a clear strategy implemented by the human resources department, as there are various training Programs and projects for 'Ashghal' employees such as a Leadership Development Program for occupants of supervisory positions, the Project Management Program, which is designed to enhance the capabilities of newly graduated Qatari engineers, the Job Succession Program, which is designed to prepare a second line of Qatari leaders to occupy future leadership roles in Ashghal in the future, the Graduate Development Program, which is designed to improve the skills of new graduates (non-engineers), the Graduate Development Program, which designed to develop Qatari fresh graduates (non-engineers), the Administrative Development Program, which is designed to improve the skills of clerical job occupants, and the Individual Development Plans, which designed to develop the skills and capabilities of Qataris. Also, the Authority provides training for non-Qatari employees through certain training programs to keep up with new developments and requirements to face challenges.
These Programs aim to develop job competencies and prepare Qatari cadres to bear responsibilities, and to attract as many students as possible to provide them with scholarships in various majors required by the Authority in coordination with concerned entities in line with job market needs, in addition, to provide summer training opportunities for school and university students. (QNA)