Cabinet Holds Weekly Meeting

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Doha, March 22 (QNA) - HE Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of State for Defense Affairs Dr. Khalid bin Mohammed Al Attiyah chaired the Cabinet's regular meeting held on Wednesday at its seat at the Amiri Diwan.
Following the meeting, HE Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs issued the following statement:
At the outset of the meeting, the Cabinet sent congratulations and blessings to HH the Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani on the occasion of the blessed month of Ramadan, wishing His Highness good health and happiness, the State of Qatar and its honorable people and residents further goodness, prosperity and development under the wise leadership of His Highness, and the Arab and Islamic nations security, peace and stability.
The Cabinet considered the topics on its agenda as follows:
First - The Cabinet was informed of the Shura Council's approval of a draft law amending some provisions of Law No. 18 of 2017 regarding public hygiene.
Among the provisions included in the draft law are the following:
1- It is prohibited to occupy squares, roads, streets, corridors, alleys, sidewalks, squares, and public parking spaces with neglected vehicles, equipment, machinery, and temporary or fixed buildings, without a permit from the competent municipality.
It is also prohibited to leave marine means and any equipment used for transport by land or sea, or any equipment used for maintenance, or any equipment, machinery, vehicles or parts thereof neglected in the port or on the seashore up to the furthest distance the wave reaches at the beach precincts at a distance of ten meters and to a distance of 50 meters inside seawater, for a period exceeding three days, without a permit from the competent municipality.
2 - It is prohibited to leave, throw or pour waste, or dispose of it, in places other than those specified by the competent municipality, and in the event of a violation of this, the competent municipality may remove the waste at the expense of the violator, and seize the transport vehicles used in these violations for a period not exceeding three months.
3- The competent municipality shall carry out public cleaning works in all its forms, including the collection, transportation, unloading, and disposal of waste, and it may recycle and treat it to benefit from it, and it may assign all or some of these operations to one or more contractors in accordance with the provisions of the law, including the producer or importer of the materials from which these wastes are generated, in accordance with the controls issued by a decision of the Minister.
4- A committee called the "Joint Committee for the Removal and Disposal of Abandoned Vehicles, Machinery, and Equipment" shall be established at the Ministry of Municipality. A Cabinet decision shall issue its formation, and specify its terms of reference, work system, and rewards for its members.
Second - The Cabinet approved, in principle, a draft law amending some provisions of the Qatar Financial Centre (QFC) Law promulgated by Law No. 7 of 2005.
The amendment of the law aims to achieve prompt justice, shorten the period of litigation, speed up its procedures, and adjudicate cases before the Regulatory Tribunal and the QFC civil and commercial court. 
Third - The Cabinet approved a draft cabinet decision regarding the re-formation of the committee of trustees of the state appreciation and encouragement awards.
This committee, established at the Ministry of Culture, is responsible for supervising the affairs of the appreciation and encouragement awards to achieve their objectives, and in particular the following:
1- Supervising the implementation of the general policy of the two awards.
2- Announcing the two awards and setting the dates for submitting nominations.
3- Evaluating the intellectual and creative performance of the candidates for the state appreciation award, determining the winners, and announcing the final result.
4 - Proposing the necessary funds for awarding the two awards.
Fourth - The Cabinet approved, in principle, a draft decision of the Minister of Municipality to amend Decision No. 68 of 2011 regarding amending the geographical borders of some municipalities and regions.
The provisions of the draft stipulate that the area (58) belongs to the Al Rayyan municipality and the geographical boundaries of the Al Rayyan municipality are determined according to the plan attached to this decision.
Fifth - The Cabinet approved a draft agreement between the Government of the State of Qatar and the Government of the Republic of Uganda, regarding regulating the employment of workers from the Republic of Uganda in the State of Qatar.
Sixth - The Cabinet reviewed the results of the 42nd session of the Council of Arab Ministers for Social Affairs and took the appropriate decision regarding it. (QNA)