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Wed, 09/06/2023 - 10:28
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China, Russia to boost cooperation in movie production, screenings

BEIJING, September 5. /TASS/. Moscow’s experience working with China in the filmmaking sphere will serve as the basis for the future joint efforts that are planned to make more movies and organize their screenings, Deputy Director General of the Moskino Company Yulia Bragina told TASS.

"We will increase cultural cooperation not only in movie production, but also movie screenings," she said at an event at the Russian Cultural Center (RCC), commenting on cooperation between Moscow and Chinese partners in the film industry." "The years 2024-2025 have been announced as the years of cultural exchanges between Russia and China. In this regard, it is definitely necessary to hold more cultural events both in the Russian Federation with the screening of Chinese films and in China by showing Russian films".

Bragina confirmed that cooperation between Russia and China in the field of cinematography has been progressing well recently. "After the pandemic, we have been actively resuming communication and strengthening relations in terms of cultural cooperation," she specified.

"Our goal is to tell our Chinese colleagues about how well-suited Moscow is for filming. We have special structures, including a film commission organized by the Moscow government," added the Deputy Director General. She explained that facilitating the work for foreign film groups shooting in the Russian capital is one of her tasks. Bragina emphasized the importance of this structure's mission in the entire cycle of film creation, since she is the person who coordinates and obtains permission "to conduct filming in any location in the city."

Bragina also noted that China and Russia already have joint projects, including Chinese films that were shot in Moscow. "For example, the movie Lost in Russia (2020) was filmed with the help of the Moscow Film Commission, as well as The Adventures of Zheng Qian (2023)," she specified.

According to the Deputy Chief of Moskino, at this point, Russian-Chinese cooperation in the field of cinematography is smooth sailing. "There is a great desire among our Chinese friends for joint projects," she added.

Purpose of visit to China

According to Bragina, the purpose of her current visit to China is "to show Chinese film companies and the Chinese tourism sector the potential Moscow has as a place for filming, as a center of creative industries in Russia." "Today's event (presentation of the potential of Moscow's film industry at the RCC - TASS/ note) illustrates this very clearly. We invite all Chinese film producers to create their projects in Moscow. In this way we promote our city as a wonderful tourist capital, the film capital of the world," she explained. Bragina noted that the Chinese side has always had an interest in cooperation with Russia in the field of cinematography, and Moscow is already making all the efforts necessary for a productive partnership.

In 2018, Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin initiated and created the Moscow Film Commission, which operates as a single-window system. It greatly facilitates the work of both domestic and foreign filmmakers who come to the Russian capital to film movies.



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