Foreign Ministry: Israel’s aggressive policies drive the region towards all-out escalation and a new phase of instability

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4 April، 2023

Damascus, SANA- Syria has warned the Israeli occupation and its sponsors against the dangers of its aggressive policies that push the region towards a comprehensive escalation and a new phase of instability.

“Over the past four days, the Israeli occupation forces launched attacks on areas in and around Damascus, Homs and its countryside, caused the martyrdom of civilians, the injury of a number of others, not to mention the material damage,” Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Ministry said in a statement.

The Ministry added that the Israeli occupation government not only hides behind the umbrella of immunity and unlimited support from its protectors, but rather follows in the footsteps of its sponsors in Washington and other Western capitals in exporting crises and escaping from internal problems to external aggressions and crimes, in perpetuating an approach that flagrantly violates international law and the provisions of the UN charter, and aims to perpetuate the lawlessness instead of the force of law and human values.