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Fri, 09/05/2008 - 12:24
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Almas Kishkenbayev - participant of "Five Stars" contest

Almaty, 5 September 2008, (Khabar) - Kazakhstan wonder boy Almas
Kishkenbayev, a participant in the "Five Stars" retro-festival in Sochi, won second place.

The fact that Eastern singers pulled ahead was a great
surprise for everyone. For the first time at this festival, Russian
spectators were able to see many representatives of Central Asia on stage.
According to Almas, it was difficult to succeed, but he simply could not
give a bad performance and fail his fans. The first day of the festival is
the hardest, as people will create an impression about a singer and not
forget it.

Almas Kishkenbayev, singer:
- When I was announced, I turned my back to the spectators and just stood
there. It was the director's idea. Everyone shouted and cheered. I was very
amazed as it was a very warm meeting.

The singer's producer was very happy that the votes of spectators from
different countries gave success to Almas. It shows international
acknowledgment and a new step in the singer's carrier. Now the idol of many
girls has decided to subdue Moscow. Almas will soon fly to Pervopristolnaya
to sign a contract. He is going to shoot a music video for the song
"Beloved," which he sang in Sochi. This video will then be shown on music

Lyailya Sultankyzy, producer:
- At this moment, this song from his repertoire is the favorite of Moscow
residents. If you noticed, all the competitors sang retro songs on the third
day of the festival, but Almas, alone, sang his own song.

Almas dreams of receiving a Grammy, but it will be in the future. Now he is
planning to participate in a famous television show and to record an album
with composer Lenoi Kiper, who works with Lolita and the band "Tatu." The
singer is sure that he should strike the iron while it is hot, be
open-minded and not be lazy.