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Mon, 07/16/2018 - 09:30
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Anthology Of Kazakh Literature In French Translation To Appear Soon

PARIS-ASTANA. KAZINFORM Participants of the creative consortium purposed to translate, publish and disseminate two anthologies of contemporary Kazakhstan's literature in French have been already selected in France. The Town Hall of 1st arrondissement of Paris and Paris Cultural Association, that are long-standing friends of Kazakhstan, will participate in the project as strategic partners. The parties guided selection of project participants. The French National Book Centre has also supported the initiative of Kazakhstan. It will become the foreign reviewer to assure the quality of publications. The Kazakh National Commission under the Kazakh President for Realization of Rukhani Janghyru program decided in favor of Michel de Maule publishing house among the dozens of French publishers. It has a 30-year-old history of translating and publishing and promoting art and literature. Its founder and editor-in-chief is famous French linguist and poet Thierry de La Croix. Signing the memo of intent Thierry de La Croix noted that he, as an editor and writer, sees great potential in the project that reveals a new culture for the French readers. Prestige Communication global communication agency represented in all large French-speaking countries will disseminate and promote Kazakhstan's literature in those countries. Its director general Laurent Taieb, signing the memo of intent, highlighted the unique character of Rukhani Janghyru program that prioritizes the country's global promotion through its culture, spiritual heritage and inscape. Secretary of the Kazakh National Commission under the Kazakh President for Realization of Rukhani Janghyru program Aida Balayeva signed the memo on behalf of Kazakhstan. She drew attention of those gathered to the significance of ensuring high art quality of translations and aesthetic quality of publications. Kazakh Ambassador to France Zhan Galiyev and director of the National Bureau of Translations Rauan Kenzhekhanuly participated in the talks and signing ceremony held at the Kazakh Embassy in France.