PM: More Than 300 Registered Parties Will Run In The Local Elections/ More

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Tue, 09/26/2023 - 11:11

PM: More Than 300 Registered Parties Will Run In The Local Elections/ More

Baghdad / NINA /- Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani announced that more than 300 registered parties will run in the local elections.

Al-Sudani said during an interview he conducted with "The National" newspaper: “All political forces are talking today about providing services and developing the economy, after the talk was about sectarianism, ethnicity, and components."

He added: "When the security situation in Iraq became confused with the control of ISIS, the entire region was affected, and millions began to emigrate, so Iraq's stability must be preserved."

He continued: "The political disputes in Iraq are within their natural context, and resorting to the Federal Court is a healthy sign for the political system."

He explained, “The Social Protection Law addresses multidimensional poverty, and $4 billion has been allocated in 2023 to address poverty, and there are cash subsidies for school and college students and children of poor families to prevent the inheritance of poverty within the family.”

He pointed out that the ration card is distributed in a specific quality to all citizens, and there is a card of a higher quality that is distributed among those included in the social protection network."

He explained that the treatments included in the three-year budget for poverty are sufficient to radically end poverty rates in Iraq within five years, and we have no alternative but to support the private sector, and no session of the Council of Ministers or the Ministerial Council for the Economy is without a decision in favor of this sector."

He said: There is a war on corruption, and we have included the recovery of funds and wanted persons as part of a systematic anti-corruption policy."

He said: “The reforms in tax, customs, and electronic payment all establish an environment that attracts the private sector and facilitates its work."

He explained: “The price of the dollar is related to the special reforms of the banking and financial sector, and the government has begun implementing the reforms, despite their social cost, and the fluctuations in exchange rates are a battle between the state that wants to stabilize correct transactions, and a group that used to live on the dollar."

He said that goods enter illegal ports, and no taxes are paid, and the money goes to the parallel price.

He added: "Private Banks take the dollar from the central bank and sell it in the parallel market, and these will be subject to sanctions."

He continued: “Iraq was the first to exercise its pioneering role in bringing viewpoints closer together, and it succeeded in doing so, and it continues to do so in the region.

He said: We presented a vision for partnerships with the countries of the region through the Development Road Project, and this is the first time that a project has been presented that calls for everyone’s partnership, stressing that the Development Road Project is the best and shortest in its path, and the least in transportation costs among the projects proposed in the region, and achieves the purpose in trade between Asia and Europe.

He explained, "The presence of Syria, with its political system and people, is better than an unknown alternative that might plunge the region into a second war with ISIS, and any security confusion in Syria will unleash terrorist monsters and threaten security in Iraq and the region."

He said, “From the first days, we appointed a specialized advisor to follow up on human rights, and some investigations require a period of time within the framework of the law, and there is no detainee in a prison or official detention center without a judicial order.”

He warned, “ISIS does not represent a threat today to the Iraqi state, and there is no longer a need for the international coalition that was formed to confront ISIS.”

He explained: During this month, the joint committee will meet with the American side, and we emphasize the bilateral relationship with the United States for security cooperation, and we are open in all fields.

He pointed out that the harshest sentences issued against terrorists are the death penalty, and each case passes on average through 45 judges before the death penalty takes final form.

He noted that the amnesty laws gave the opportunity to retry all criminals, including those sentenced to death and according to Iraqi law, guarantees are available and in seven cases the convict has the right to retrial.

He pointed out that the political forces that form the government have confidence in the government's path and the implementation of its government program.

He announced that the Baghdad conference will expand, based on requests from the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain and Italy, to attend and participate.

He explained, “The early elections come in accordance with the House of Representatives’ dissolution of itself, and then the government will be ready for any elections, but the political forces, from our reading, have confidence in the government.”

He said, “We look with respect at the popular movement and support all peaceful demonstration practices, and we deal with the demonstrations with all responsibility, and within the legal framework.”/End