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Sat, 09/22/2012 - 10:15
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Protests Against Anti-Islam Movie Continue In Austria

Vienna, Sept 22, IRNA – Protest to the anti-Islam movie insulting Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) continues in Austria. Vienna Imam Ali Islamic Center had called for introducing and immediate punishment of elements of this ugly crime as well as financial and political supporters of it. Prophet Mohammad Household Assembly in Austria in a statement published here, by referring to Muslims outcry in the world against the anti-Islam movie wrote; history is full of models of such unwise confrontation; when they could not make reason, they start to demolish characters. The assembly said that a heavy duty is on shoulder of the world Muslims to prevent such ominous acts but even in this concern they should act upon Islamic teachings. Austria Household Assembly condemned defamation to Prophet Mohammad and stressed that insulting any holy person from any religion is not allowed and we have to observe mutual respect. It asked the country in which the insulting movie was made to stop dissemination of the movie and put on trial elements who made the film./end