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Sat, 03/18/2023 - 19:58
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President al-Assad meets members of the General Secretariat of Conference of Arab Parties

18 March، 2023

Damascus, SANA- President Bashar al-Assad received Saturday members of the General Secretariat of Arab Parties Conference which is holding its 63rd extraordinary meeting in Damascus.

President al-Assad considered that the opportunity today is favourable for the actions of the political parties and forces because there are real and practical models on the ground that have demonstrated the success of the besieged peoples in resisting the blockade, unlike the idea of defeat and concession that the hostile media worked hard to inculcate and plant in the consciousness of the people of Arab societies for years.

President al-Assad said “It is not required that we own a single thought or a single trend, but what is important is that we meet the final goal.”

President al-Assad affirmed that a large part of the Syrian people has a spirit of challenge and a belief in the correctness of their positions, and this is the most important factor for our steadfastness, and without this spirit no country can stand steadfast no matter what support is provided to it.

President al-Assad added that the parties express the image of society with its intellectual and political currents, and the Arab society is characterized by great diversity. Therefore, the more the conference circle expands, the better it will be able to express societies, and this requires work to expand the circle towards different currents and belongings, and perhaps dialogue is the most important factor in achieving this.

President Assad stressed the importance of working on a common identity for Arabs, without which there would be no progress at any cultural, economic or other level.

For his part, Qassem Salih, Secretary-General of the General Secretariat of the Arab Parties, thanked Syria for hosting the meeting of the secretariat at this sensitive stage, and highlighted the solidarity of all the conference parties with Syria in facing the repercussions of the earthquake.

The members of the secretariat stressed the need to end the occupation of all Syrian lands, and lift the unjust blockade and unilateral coercive sanctions imposed on the Syrian people.


They said that these illegal measures are contrary to international law and constitute clear evidence of the arrogance of US policy, considering that lifting the blockade is a national mission and an urgent humanitarian need, especially after the catastrophe of the earthquake.


They also stressed that Syria, with its steadfastness and victory , despite all that was planned for it in terms of terrorism and destruction, became the point of the compass for the Arabs.