Public Leisure Facilities Remodeled in DPRK

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Sun, 09/24/2023 - 13:01

Public Leisure Facilities Remodeled in DPRK


Pyongyang, September 24 (KCNA) -- Amid a campaign for improving the socialist service culture, many leisure facilities have been remodeled across the DPRK as part of the efforts for implementing the policy of the Workers' Party of Korea to provide the people with highly civilized living conditions and environment.

Officials of the Ministry of Commerce and power organs in different parts of the country provided proper guidance on the work for modernizing the service environment and conditions of leisure facilities under a good plan.

The Public Service Management Bureau of the Pyongyang Municipal People's Committee set the remodeled barbershops, beauty salons and bathhouses in Songyo District and Tongdaewon District as model ones and organized visits to those leisure facilities. Meanwhile, it organized a socialist emulation among public service facilities of districts and counties to encourage them to actively learn from and swap experience with each other in a rivalry atmosphere.

In this course, various public leisure facilities in the municipality have been remodeled in a short span of time.

Such facilities in Phyongsong and Tokchon cities and Phyongwon county of South Phyongan Province newly installed ultraviolet sterilizers and other necessary equipment to please the visitors with kind and sincere service.

Those in Chongjin City and Kilju and Musan counties of North Hamgyong Province remodeled saunas and other leisure facilities to provide better service.

Similar remodeling projects have been completed in North Phyongan Province and Nampho and Kaesong municipalities to stimulate leisure activities of citizens. -0-