South Hwanghae Province Assists Countryside

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Pyongyang, March 31 (KCNA) -- South Hwanghae Province, the biggest agricultural province and main granary of the DPRK, is conducting organizational and political work to tap all the manpower to the rural areas.

The provincial people's committee makes sure that all the people take part in helping the rural communities, after weighing up the availability of manpower from all the institutions and enterprises.

Officials and working people of provincial-level institutions and industrial establishments including the provincial power transmission and distribution station and the provincial land and environmental conservation management bureau gave lots of farming materials to farms in Haeju City and Ongjin and Songhwa counties and strive to manure and cultivate wheat and barley fields in a scientific and technological way.

Officials and working people in Paechon, Yonan, Jangyon and Pyoksong counties are pushing ahead with the river improvement projects as planned to cope with abnormal weather phenomena in a far-sighted way after making their influence this year a fait accompli.

Officials and working people in Anak, Samchon, Pongchon and Thaethan counties, too, are responsibly doing their work for attaining this year's goal of grain production. -0-