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Wed, 02/07/2024 - 05:44
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Coffins Placed at Concert to Prevent Brawl

KAMPHAENG PHET, Feb 7 (TNA) – Coffins were placed in front of a concert stage at an annual temple fair following consecutive nights of intense youth clashes resulting in multiple injuries.

The tactic initiated by the deputy abbot of Wat Karuehabodisong is proved to be effective as there was no such incident on the last day of the event.

The temple fair was held to allow devout disciples to pay respect the preserved body of the former abbot, Luangpu Wibunwachiratham, which has defied decomposition for more than 47 years.

The deceased monk has been highly revered and his amulets are believed to offer protection for wearers.
The temple fair held for six days from Jan 31 to February 5 featured cultural performances and live music from various groups for attendees to enjoy for free. However, recent nights saw conflicts and disputes, leaving many people injured.

The deputy about came up with the idea to stop a violent brawl by giving teenagers a symbolic warning. Two coffins were placed in front of the stage, bearing the message “The resting place for a brawler, who died today,” aiming to instill fear and deterrence among those witnessed the banners.

This measure is implemented for the first time this year, with hopes of positive outcomes. The intention is to ensure everyone enjoys the event peacefully without any disturbances.

Following the conclusion of the event, it was evident that there were no disputes among the youth, indicating that the coffins could have a significant impact. -819 (TNA)