Lots of Farm Machines Produced in DPRK


Pyongyang, September 22 (KCNA) -- True to the idea of the Workers' Party of Korea on supplying more new and efficient farm machines to the countryside, workers of the DPRK are rendering powerful support to the agricultural front.

New Conical Crusher Installed at Musan Mining Complex of DPRK


Remodeling of Dairy Cattle Farm Brisk in North Hamgyong Province


Pyongyang, September 22 (KCNA) -- North Hamgyong Province of the DPRK is directing efforts to the modernization of the Nongpho Dairy Cattle Farm, true to the Workers' Party of Korea's childcare policy.

Major Construction Projects Completed in Rason of DPRK


Pyongyang, September 22 (KCNA) -- Major construction projects conducive to the regional development and the improvement of people's living have been completed one after another in Rason Municipality of the DPRK.

Apple-picking in Full Swing in Pukchong County


Pyongyang, September 22 (KCNA) -- Pukchong County of the DPRK has a good crop of apples.

The county directed efforts to manuring and tending apple trees even in the unfavorable weather conditions this year to bring about good results.

Malaysia Shall Continue Working With Global Partners On Nuclear Disarmament

KUALA LUMPUR, 22 September (Bernama) -- The recent six-day visit of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to Russia, which raised global concerns about potential arms deals between the two nations, occurred at a time when both countries were grappling with increasing international isolation.

Public Health Ministry Greenlights Rollout of 1 Million HPV Vaccine Doses

NONTHABURI, Sept 22 (TNA) – The National Communicable Disease Committee has approved an accelerated plan to administer 1 million doses of the HPV vaccine in females aged 11-20.

Malaysian Pm Anwar Woos Global Investors, Assures Necessary Reforms Being Taken To Provide Better Business Environment

NEW YORK, Sept 22 (Bernama) -- Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim Friday assured global investors looking to venture into Malaysia that the country is taking necessary reforms and providing a better business environment for them. 

PM: The Relationship Between Iraq And The US Cannot Remain Limited To The Security Aspect/ More

Baghdad / NINA / -Prime Minister Muhammad Al-Sudani confirmed that the relationship between Iraq and the United States cannot remain limited to the security aspect.


Malaysian Pm Anwar To Visit UAE, Saudi Arabia In October

NEW YORK, Sept 22 (Bernama) – Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim Friday said he has been invited to visit the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi Arabia in October.