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Tue, 10/04/2011 - 06:38
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New European Chamber to expand trade and investment in Laos

VIENTIANE,OCT.03 (KPL)- The European Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ECCIL) officially opened last Friday in Laos after its foundation in May 2011 in order to give a voice and render services to European businesses operating in Laos.
The establishment of ECCIL will further strengthen the existing trade and investment relations between the EU and Laos and I do wish that ECCIL serves as the first choice of contract for every European business entering Laos and to become the leading organisation for trade advocacy vis-a-vis the Lao authorities, said Ambassador David Lipman, Head of the EU Delegation to Laos.
“A first opportunity to showcase this will be the hosting of EU-Asia Business Forum in November 2012 back to back with the 9th ASEM summit in Laos. This will be an opportunity to identify issues of common interest for both EU and Asian business communities,” he added.
As of September 2011 ECCIL counts about 60 members from a variety of industries and with operations inside and outside of Lao PDR.
ECCIL cooperates very closely with the Lao National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LNCCI) and its affiliates. There is not only a regular exchange of the information but also a successful mutual support in fields of common interest.
There are joint the projects like the organization of delegation visits. Future common activities are very likely to include the publication of a business climate index and the joint organization of the ASEM Business Forum at the end of next year.
ECCIL is unique from a European point of view in that it is the only representation of European enterprises in Laos since there are no bilateral chambers from European countries in the Lao PDR.
From a Lao point of view it is also unique in that on one hand it does not just represent businesses from one particular country but from a large and sometimes diverse group o countries; different from other foreign chambers in Laos, ECCIL has its own full time personnel and is therefore in a position to offer a full range of services to members as well as to non-members.