Hanoi, November 30 (VNA) – Vietnam has developed a system of hydrometeorological and environmental monitoring stations across the country, including monitoring acid deposition, Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Le Cong Thanh said at the 25th session of the Intergovernmental Meeting on the Acid Deposition Monitoring Network in East Asia (EANET) held in Hanoi on November 29.

Thanh said that air pollution and acid deposition have become urgent issues not only in Vietnam but also in almost all countries in Asia and the world.

Air pollution and acid deposition adversely impact human life and the ecosystem. Acid deposition degrades natural habitats, soil and water environments and ecosystems, causing severe consequences for the agriculture, fisheries, and construction sectors. Most notably, the scourge affects human health. The control of acid deposition is difficult, requiring interdisciplinary research and cooperation between countries sharing a common border, Thanh said.

Marlene Nilsson, Deputy Regional Director of the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific, said that Vietnam is among the first countries to join EANET.

Over the last 20 years, Vietnam has built and operated a high-quality acid deposition monitoring network across the country. The results obtained from the monitoring network have contributed significantly to assessment reports on the current status and trends of acid deposition and air pollution in the East Asia region, she said.

EANET was established in 2001 as an intergovernmental initiative to create a common understanding of the state of acid deposition problems in East Asia. It provides an useful input for decision-making at various levels, and promotes cooperation among countries. At present, 13 countries in East Asia are participating in EANET./.