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Thu, 11/30/2023 - 08:08
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Yunnan Province’s Leading Media Collaborates with MCOT Pcl.

BANGKOK, Nov 30 (TNA) - Thailand and China are strengthening their people-to-people relations as Yunnan Daily Press Group, a leading media organization with its headquarter in Kunming, capital of southwest China’s Yunnan province, signed a memorandum of cooperation with MCOT Pcl, a Thai media conglomerate to enhance the exchange of news and information across various platforms.

Yunnan Daily Press Group and Yunnan International Communication Center for South and Southeast Asia(YICC) organized a cultural exchange event between China and Thailand. Titled “One River, One Family” China-Thailand Cultural Exchange, the event featured the showcase of “Yunnan, A Many-Splendored life”, with the objective of fostering understanding and strengthening the ties between the people of both countries, who share a common cultural heritage associated with the Lancang-Mekong River.

During the event, besides activities promoting Chinese culture and the way of life in Yunnan, Yunnan Daily Press Group, also signed an agreement with MCOT Pcl, to disseminate information on the cultural traditions and valuable local customs of Yunnan Province through the World Pulse program, produced by the Foreign News Division of Thai News Agency, as well as other online channels of MCOT.

This collaboration is significant in the Sino-Thai media industry, as MCOT is the sole media partner in Thailand to sign such an agreement with Yunnan Daily Press Group, similar to collaborations with Laos, Cambodia, and Myanmar, countries in the Greater Mekong subregion.

Furthermore, the event included several important ceremonies, such as the presentation of a name plate to the representative office of “The Mekong” Magazine in Thailand, acknowledging its crucial role as a bridge in fostering Thai-Chinese friendship over the past 21 years.

Additionally, a scholarship fund for Mekong River studies at the N-TECH International College was awarded to Yunnan Daily Press Group and the YICC. This initiative aims to promote educational collaboration and encourage dialogues among media executives for the benefit of fostering cross-cultural communication. 819 (TNA)