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Thu, 11/30/2023 - 08:09
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Four More Thai Hostages Released

TEL AVIV, Nov 30 (TNA) – The Royal Thai Embassy in Tel Aviv provided additional information that four more Thai hostages have been released, the Foreign Ministry has announced.

They are Piboon Rattanil, Kong Saelao, Jakrapan Sikena and Chalermchai Saengkaew.

Currently, they are at the hospital arranged by the Israeli authorities for health examinations. The embassy officials are providing assistance and coordinating communication with their families and relatives.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs expresses great joy for the families of the four Thai workers who have been released in the fifth round. They extend gratitude to all parties involved for their efforts in facilitating negotiations.

It is expected that nine Thai hostages remain in captivity. The Thai government will make every effort to ensure their prompt and safe release. Those who have been released and have undergone preliminary rehabilitation in Israel will return to Thailand soon. -819 (TNA)