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Wed, 04/24/2024 - 08:04
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Fire Rekindles at Rayong Chemical Storage Facility

RAYONG, April 24 (TNA) – Following a fire at a chemical storage warehouse in Rayong province which erupted two days ago, the firefighting team has revised their fire suppression plan after some fire spots rekindled.

Backhoe trucks have used to scoop soil to smother the flames at the chemical storage warehouse of Win Process Co., Ltd., in Baan Khai district as some areas remain smoldering, and fire spots have reignited intermittently.

The district chief, Thotsaphon Borwornmote disclosed that water spray proved ineffective as certain chemicals cannot be extinguished with water. Therefore, soil or sand covering is necessary. Foam suppression is no longer required.

Four fire trucks are deployed, aiming for the quickest resolution, especially after concerns from Rayong governor about prolonged impact on the community.

Meanwhile, Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Patcharawat Wongsuwan instructed the Pollution Control Department to inspect the air quality in the area within a range of 300 meters to 10 kilometers. He said the initial inspection found no dangerous chemicals or hazardous air conditions, posing harm to local residents.

The Director-General of the Pollution Control Department Priyaporn Suwannakes said that air quality monitoring around the vicinity of the fire-affected area revealed minimal chemical fumes to the north of the factory and lingering smoke odor.

However, air quality remains within safe limits, although continuous monitoring will persist until the situation normalizes.

Meanwhile, residents in areas, which are downwind, have been evacuated to a temporary shelter at the Nong Phawa Temple. However, due to changing wind directions, suitable evacuation points are being sought again. Initial reports indicate five people with dizziness.

Director-General of the Department of Health, Atthapol Kaewsamrit conducted a risk assessment on-site, particularly regarding tap water. The assessment concluded that tap water samples from surrounding communities were safe for use.

Police at Baan Khai station are accelerating interrogations of the head of workers and employees of the factory to determine the cause.

The warehouses of the industrial waste disposal company stored contaminated water, oil sludge, automotive rubber, plastic, and electronic components. -819 (TNA)